Located on the beautiful coast of Maine, Weatherend Estate Furniture is comprised of skilled craftspeople dedicated to making the highest quality outdoor furniture in the world. We invite you to experience Weatherend furniture, designed and built to be enjoyed today and for generations.

To learn more please call 800.456.6483 or email sales@weatherend.com.


Weatherend furniture is made from sustainably managed woods. We source our lumber from companies that support selective harvest and reforestation practices. Our time honored yacht building construction methods produce supremely durable pieces built to last for generations. In addition, Weatherend offers maintenance and refinish programs to further extend the longevity of our furniture and reinforce our commitment to produce sustainable outdoor furniture.

Original pieces of Weatherend furniture, built in 1909, are still in use today!

Weatherend is a registered trademark of Imagineering, Inc. It is company policy to obtain design patents and registered copyrights whenever possible. The overall look and appearance of our furniture has been protected by U.S. Federal courts, awarding Imagineering, Inc. a multimillion dollar judgment against knock-offs. It is corporate policy to vigorously protect all intellectual property owned by Imagineering, Inc. against infringement or misappropriation.

Why is Weatherend the best outdoor furniture?
  1. Hand crafted using the materials and techniques of a yacht builder.
  2. A full product line, including casual, dining, seating, and complementary products.
  3. Weatherend Yacht Finish for a clean and dry surface.
  4. Custom colors.
  5. Shipped fully assembled, eliminating the loose joints experienced from kit furniture.
  6. Bare wood options, in both Mahogany and Teak wood.
  7. Custom capabilities.
  8. Interior options that include cushion seat inserts, different woods and clear finishes.
  9. Refinishing service.
  10. Made in the U.S.A.
Why does Weatherend Estate Furniture cost so much?
Weatherend pioneered heirloom quality for outdoor furniture by applying the skill, techniques, and materials used by yacht builders on the coast of Maine. In order to withstand harsh weather conditions, our methods of construction are much more labor-intensive than interior furnishings. Weatherend uses superior materials such as marine finishes, Gougeon® marine epoxy to reinforce mortise and tenon joints and curves, and stainless steel and brass hardware. Weatherend furniture has proven to be far less expensive than the cost to assemble, maintain, and replace other short-lived outdoor furniture.
Why is Weatherend Yacht Finish better than bare wood?
The Weatherend Yacht Finish provides a clean surface rather than the often soiled appearance of used bare teak.

Painted finishes are easier and less expensive to maintain, and will easily wipe dry after rain or dew.

Lacquer thinner or nail polish remover will remove graffiti without damaging the finish.

Custom color samples can be easily matched, and the color of the furniture can be changed if the furniture is sent back for refinishing.

How long will the finish last?
Weatherend Yacht Finish can last for decades depending on the environment it is subjected to and the amount of care given. Furniture Covers or dry storage during the winter and long periods of non-use will extend the life of the finish.

Many customers who take advantage of our refinishing service have had their furniture for twenty years or more. The majority of the furniture returned for refinishing only has a loss of gloss to the finish and small dents – the paint itself is still serviceable.

Are your designs protected?
Yes! Weatherend is a registered trademark of Imagineering, Inc. It is company policy to obtain design patents and registered copyrights whenever possible. The overall look and appearance of our furniture has been protected by U.S. Federal courts, awarding Imagineering, Inc. a multimillion dollar judgment against knock-offs. It is corporate policy to vigorously protect all intellectual property owned by Imagineering, Inc. against infringement or misappropriation.

Weatherend is proud to have received design awards from NeoCon and ADEX for several new patented designs.

What custom colors do you offer in Weatherend Yacht Finish?
Any custom color sample can be matched. A chart is available showing popular colors below. Light colored high gloss finishes will provide the best long-term durability for exterior use.

In addition to High Gloss White, Weatherend offers 24 standard colors. Custom colors are also available.

Weatherend has pioneered and mastered the Weatherend Yacht Finish for outdoor furniture. This 10 step/10 coat epoxy and urethane system resists graffiti, stains, soil and the UV effects of the sun.

What exterior and interior woods are offered?
Standard exterior woods are teak, mahogany and utile. Standard interior woods are mahogany, cherry, and maple.
How should I care for my Weatherend furniture?
Painted furniture should be cleaned regularly to extend the life of the finish. Light surface cleaning can be done with household products such as Windex. Awlwash, designed for cleaning marine finishes, or similar auto finish washes should be used for thorough cleaning, as needed.

If your bare wood furniture becomes heavily soiled and stained you may consider using a teak cleaning system followed by a light sanding with a fine grit paper or rubbing with burlap. This may be necessary annually or even more frequently, depending on your type of use. For lighter and more regular cleaning, we recommend a teak cleaner such as the Star Brite Teak Cleaning System.

Bare teak and mahogany furniture will turn silver-gray when left untreated. If you wish to help maintain the original color of teak furniture, it may be rubbed with a soft cloth and teak oil to slow the weathering process. Bare mahogany furniture can be periodically coated with a wood preservative to help maintain the original color. For best results oil or wood preservative should only be applied after a thorough cleaning and sanding.

Learn more about caring for your furniture here.

Do you offer a refinishing service?
Our refinishing service is available year round at a percentage of the cost of new furniture. We use ten steps to bring your furniture to a like new condition. To our knowledge, no other furniture company offers this service for their products. Furniture Covers or dry storage for periods when the furniture is not in use can help extend the life of the finish, and touch up kits are available to repair small dings or scratches. Learn more about our Refinishing Service here or contact our customer service department at 800.456.6483 for more information.
Will you revise standard pieces or do custom work?
Yes. Our design and engineering staff can apply your ideas to a drawing or AutoCad file. Contact us with your specifications! Visit our Custom Portfolio for examples of our custom work.
Why should I wait 4 to 20 weeks for Weatherend furniture when I might be able to get an imported teak piece in less time?
Weatherend may have a slightly longer lead time than some manufacturers, but we are handcrafting your order just for you, not a distribution warehouse. All Weatherend products are shipped fully assembled, and orders are shipped complete. Most imports are shipped partially assembled, and the entire order may not be shipped at one time.
Where can I see Weatherend products?
Samples of our products are on display at the showrooms listed here. We may also be able to direct you to a prominent installation in your area.
Can you send information about your products?
We can send you a full catalog, specification sheets, and fabric/finish samples. Specification binders are also available for qualified trade professionals. Please submit your request here or call 800.456.6483. You may also contact one of our showrooms.
How do I order?
If you are an architect, interior designer, contractor or dealer, you may place your order directly with us or through one of our showrooms. Orders must be in writing and accompanied by a fifty percent deposit. All orders are subject to written confirmation which describes what we will produce, and are subject to all our terms (see "Conditions of Sale"). Please contact us at 800.456.6483 if you have any questions about our pricing and terms.

If you are not an architect or designer, we can help put you in contact with a design professional that may assist you in pricing (we offer a substantial discount to the qualified trade). Otherwise, you may purchase from us at retail prices. Call or visit any one of our showrooms, or call ASID at 202.546.3480, for a reference to an architect or designer in your area.

Do you offer a warranty?
Limited and Conditional Warranty: We warrant our furniture sold to the original owner to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of shipment. During this period, at our sole option, we will repair or replace items judged to be defective. Claimed defective furniture must be returned to us freight pre-paid and no materials will be accepted without prior written factory approval. Proper maintenance, including routine cleaning and painting, is considered normal and is the owner’s responsibility. This warranty does not apply to damages resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, tampering, negligence, abuse or normal wear. Except as provided above, we disclaim all other warranties, expressed or implied, as to any product and in particular make no warranties of merchantability or of fitness for any particular purpose.

In no event will we be liable for any incidental or consequential damage arising out of the sale or use of this product.