Our American Story began in 1904 with Norwegian immigrant, Hans Heistad.

More than a century ago, Hans Heistad labored on the rugged coastline of Maine. Hans, the son of a boat builder, was a Norwegian-born landscape architect. He immigrated to New York to become a protogé of Frederick Law Olmsted. Hans worked alongside Olmsted on prominent national parks such as New York City’s Central Park.

In 1904, Hans moved his family to Maine to work for many years creating landscapes for summer coastal estates of the Country Place Era. His pride creation was an estate called Weatherend where he worked the rocky coastal landscape. At Weatherend, Hans built outdoor garden rooms and terraces in harmony with the Maine coastline. He crafted curved tables and seating using the boatbuilding skills that his father taught him.

In 1915, Hans built the furniture that inspires us today. The inspiration of Hans is revealed in the hands of the dedicated builders at Weatherend Furniture. Their story is one of expertise and consummate craftsmanship.